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Physical Therapist Functional Assessment Tool

We are developing an application to automate data collection for the physical function assessments that are normally measured manually by physical therapists or nurses. The assessment tool will be used every 6 months to assess older adults’ functional movement and range of motion as part of the Health Kiosk project.

US Ignite: EAGER: GENI-Enabled In-Home, Personalized Health Monitoring and Coaching

We have tested our monitoring and health alert system in TigerPlace, an aging in place facility near the University of Missouri campus in Columbia, MO and, more recently, in assisted living in Cedar Falls, IA. The proposed project will build on this work with an innovative, interactive healthcare service. The monitoring system with health alerts will be introduced into independent housing in Kansas City. A new interactive exercise coaching interface will connect a remote physical therapist to senior clients in the home. GENI-enabled networking will be incorporated to support interactive monitoring and coaching that operates in real-time.

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