IUCRC Phase I University of Missouri: Center to Stream Healthcare In Place (C2SHIP)

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Project Summary

Chronic health conditions are financially and emotionally costly. Creative solutions are needed for managing physical, social, and psychological needs that empower patients and help maintain autonomy and quality of life. The Center to Stream Healthcare In Place (C2SHIP) unites the best minds in academic medical and engineering disciplines with leaders in biomedical industry to research, develop and promote in-place care technologies for managing chronic health conditions in the home. The Center will accelerate innovation through partnerships, multi-specialty collaborations, and resource sharing. C2SHIP will prepare an educated workforce to promote wellness through self-care technologies.

C2SHIP’s trans-disciplinary team will pursue research and development in new sensors, human-centered designs, and system integration with physiological modeling, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Through an “Internet of Things”, patient data can be streamed to clinical professionals at remote locations in real-time, establishing a mobile hub for vulnerable patients in their own home. C2SHIP will focus on mitigating physiological, environmental, and psychological changes for real-time management and intervention. The University of Missouri (MU) site will focus on the design and development of new sensing systems that produce secure, clinically relevant, data-driven analysis for supporting older adults and their family members.

The Center will accelerate knowledge and intellectual property transfer between academia and industry through collaborative partnerships. This will promote rapid development of new technologies, transform healthcare delivery, and enhance the quality of life of chronically ill patients, while reducing healthcare costs and preventing hospitalizations. Student engagement in the proposed research projects will create opportunities with Center companies and organizations and provide multidisciplinary participation at C2SHIP conferences and workshops. MU C2SHIP will recruit students and engage faculty in engineering, medicine, nursing, and health professions. MU promotes an inclusive environment, allowing the Center to engage underrepresented individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Data produced from C2SHIP projects will be housed on university-supported OneDrive storage, which is available to all MU faculty, staff, and students.  OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud-based, file storage platform, that supports file sharing inside and outside of MU. Data will be maintained for five years.  MU C2SHIP projects that collect participant data will be approved by the MU IRB prior to project onset. All data will be deidentified, with no personal identifiers recorded or retained in any form. In addition, a center-wide website will be maintained at https://c2ship.org/ to provide up-to-date information on C2SHIP news and events.