IUCRC Phase I University of Missouri: Center to Stream Healthcare In Place (C2SHIP)

Healthcare In Place (C2SHIP) unites the best minds in academic medical and engineering disciplines with leaders in biomedical industry to research, develop and promote in-place care technologies for managing chronic health conditions in the home. The Center will accelerate innovation through partnerships, multi-specialty collaborations, and resource sharing. C2SHIP will prepare an educated workforce to promote wellness through self-care technologies.

Predicting ALS Outcomes Based on Networked Passive Sensors

The research team proposes to expand and adapt this existing sensor platform to work with people living with ALS. Researchers will add wrist-based wearable sensors (like a smart watch or fitness tracker) to the system, adding the ability to track indicators like blood oxygen saturation and activity outside of the home. Researchers will first test […]

Bed Sensor Development for In-Home Cardiac and Respiration Monitoring

In the United States, 37% of the population is affected by cardiovascular related diseases. In order to avoid fatal consequences, in-home monitoring systems have been under development for the purpose of detecting early signs of cardiovascular abnormalities. Monitoring the heart rate and other cardiac parameters during sleep can provide critical information about the health of a subject.