Marjorie Skubic, University of Missouri-Columbia

Research Projects in Robotics and Sensory Perception

Our current research projects are focused on understanding and using sensor signals. In particular, we are investigating computational intelligence techniques for studying real-time sensory perception and interactive human-machine interfaces, and applying them to robotics, sketch understanding, and (now) gait analysis.
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Mobile Robots and Human-Robot Interaction

  • A Biologically Inspired Working Memory for Robots and the related Robot tower project for our Pioneer robot
  • Guinness Robot Project
  • Interactive Robot Training Overview
  • Using Spatial Language for Human-Robot Communication
  • Analyzing Sketched Route Maps
  • Usability Study: Examining User Feedback in a PDA Interface
  • MSNN Vision Algorithms: Preliminary Experiments
  • Face Recognition with MSNN

    Robotic Manipulators

  • Learning Force Sensory Patterns and Skills from Demonstration

    Gait Analysis

  • Equine Gait Analysis

    Home Automation Project

  • Event-Driven Computing Projects for Software Engineering Education

    Movies and Pictures

  • Sketch-based navigation with Guinness
  • Intelli-Fly Helicopter overview and movie
  • Projects from CECS 373: Robot Pictures from Previous Classes. Mid-term Project Movie. Final Project Movie

    Current Students

  • George Chronis, Ph.D. student in CECS
  • Sam Blisard, M.S. student in CS
  • Derek Anderson , M.S. student in CS
  • Mohammed Khalilia, B.S. student in CE
  • Charlie Huggard, B.S. student in CS

    Former Graduate Students

  • Samer Arafat, Ph.D. in CECS, Uncertainty Modeling for Classification and Analysis of Medical Signals
  • Archil Kublashvili, M.S. in CS, Collision Detection and Deformation Modeling for Voxelized Polygonal Structures
  • George Chronis, M.S. in CS, Akretas: An Intelligent Mobile Robot Video Probe
  • Ritesh Patel, M.S. in CS, Constructing a Home Automation Testbed for Event-Driven Programming
  • Grant Scott, M.S. in CS, Face Recognition with Morphological Shared-Weight Neural Networks
  • Craig Bailey, M.S. in CS, A Sketch Interface for Understanding Hand-Drawn Route Maps
  • Byron Dill, M.S. in CS, Human-Robot Interaction Using a PDA Interface: A Study of Feedback Modes
  • Justin Satterley, M.S. in CS, Determining Direction and Magnitude of Hoof Breakover in Horses Using Accelerometers

    Former Undergraduate Student Projects

  • Chuan Eng Ong, Building a Mobile Robot
  • Ben Forrester, Competitive Agglomeration Clustering of Qualitative Contact States for an Automotive Transmission Assembly
  • Lakesha Brown, A Study to Determine the Design Feasibility of a Burn Care Instrument (McNair Scholar)
  • Matt Aubuchon, Low-Level Robot Control Using the Tiny Tiger Microcontroller
  • Kristi Hummel, Morphological Neural Network Vision Processing for Mobile Robots
  • Peter Parker, Home Automation using X10 and BASIC Stamp
  • Laura Heffernan, Home Automation Testbed
  • Andy Carle, Analyzing Hand-Drawn Route Maps (Discovery Fellow)