Students in the News

Columbia Tribune, July 3, 2002

The Columbia Robotics Team won the National Botball Tournament in Norman, OK! The photo shows team members Chris Lincoln, Josh Lory, and Craig Dunwoody with their robots and trophies. CECS grad student Sam Blisard was the team mentor and taught them all about programming the handy board. See the complete article here. Photo by Don Shrubshell.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 23, 2001

Equine Gait Analysis: Buttercup trots on a horse-sized treadmill with reflective markers attached, while an infrared vision system captures her movement. Ph.D. student Samer Arafat uses wavelets and neural networks to analyze the data for evaluation of abnormal gait conditions. Photo by Larry Williams

Columbia Missourian, April 30, 2000

Technology King George Chronis (aka CECS Ph.D.student)

Columbia Tribune, March 12, 2000

CECS grad student Byron Dill helps 8th graders Lee Hwang and Katie McInvale program a lego robot as part of the Saturday Science program. Photos by Dan Gill