MU Technology Helps Detect Early Signs of Risks for Seniors

By: Lishan Guo, KOMU 8 Reporter

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COLUMBIA – Two MU studies demonstrate using non-invasive and non-contact sensors with the ability to capture early signs of health changes or problems for aged people. The bed sensors capture data on heart rate, respiration rate, and overall cardiac activity, and the radar monitors walking speed.

The project began installing sensor equipment into Tiger Place in Columbia in fall of 2005, and MU has a study going on now to test the technology in over a dozen senior houses in Missouri, including private homes in Columbia, Jefferson City, Fulton and Bonneville.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest in this technology not just in Missouri, but on a national level, and really an international level as well. Because so many places are suffering with this changing demographic, where our society is becoming more trending towards an aging population,” Marjorie Skubic, professor of MU electrical and computer engineering and director of MU’s Center for Eldercare and Rehabilitation Technology, said…

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